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Sunday, July 12, 2020 – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

On this 6th Sunday after Pentecost, we are reminded of the power and potency of God’s Word. God’s Word is like rain that waters the earth and brings forth vegetation. It is also like the sower who scatters seed lavishly and indiscriminately.


Our lives are like seeds sown in the earth. Even from what appears to be little, dormant, or dead, God promises an abundant harvest. “My word will not return empty,” God promises.

Whenever and however we gather for worship, God feeds and nourishes our hearts and souls with the Word of life and promise; and then God sends us out into the “fields” of the world to share God’s life-giving, renewing, and life-changing Word… to bear fruit for the kingdom.


“Lord, let our hearts and lives be good soil…open to the seed of your Word.

Scripture Readings:

Isaiah 55:10-13

Psalm 65:[1-8]9-13

Romans 8:1-11

Matthew 13:1-9[10-17]18-23

A bulletin and a copy of my sermon are available for you to download and print for worship.

Additional Faith Formation resources are available here

Hearts at Home (pdf) – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

“Thank you” to Alice Woodward and Cheryl and Matt Warming for helping with today’s service. [We had some technical issues at the time of recording, so we had to go to “plan B."

**Reminder: Our next outdoor worship is WEDNESDAY – July 15 @ 7pm. (Hopefully the weather will cooperate). To celebrate “National Ice Cream Month,” we’ll enjoy packaged ice cream treats after worship😊 Join us!

Together in Christ,

Pastor Karen

Sixth Sunday of Pentacost, St Paul's Baraboo

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The mission of St. Paul's is to NURTURE and EQUIP the people of God to WITNESS and SERVE for the glory of God.

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