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On May 17, 1953, St. Paul’s was organized with 139 baptized members, 90 of whom were adults. On June 7th, Rev. Alan Henderson was installed as the first permanent pastor.  In August the congregation voted to purchase lots on eighth street for a church site.  At the first annual congregational meeting in January, 1954, it was voted to build a church.  Dedication of this new facility took place on November 4, 1956.


In October, 1958, Pastor Henderson resigned, and the following February, Rev. Donald P. Mosling was installed.  He trained teachers for the Bethel Bible Series, and a parsonage on 14th street was erected during his ministry.  Following an automobile accident in November, 1963, he resigned in January of 1964.  That June, Rev. J. Philemon Anderson was installed.  A new Christian Education and Fellowship building was dedicated in May, 1974.  In 1978 St. Paul’s began a long period of being a “Teaching Parish” by supporting an intern for one year of work in the church. We had 19 interns with us during the years 1978-1996.


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In the last year of Pastor Anderson’s ministry, newly ordained Pastor Nancy Krueger was called as an assistant pastor.  An extensive addition to the Fellowship hall and church was completed in the summer of 1998, and Pastor Krueger continued to serve after Pastor Anderson’s retirement in August, 1998.


After Pastor Krueger’s resignation, a husband and wife team were called in 2000 – Pastors Steve and Deb Ortman.  Under their leadership, new Sunday School and youth programs were begun.  Also, a Praise Team was organized for worship.  They were followed by our present Pastor, Rev. Karen Hofstad, and for one year, Pastor Peter Heide also served us, assisting in worship and Bible study.  Under Pastor Karen’s dedicated and enthusiastic leadership, members are presently involved in a variety of activities besides the central activity of worship.


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was organized and began functioning in the spring of 1953. A church site was purchased at 727 Eighth Street (the present site) and a new church building on the site was completed in the fall of 1956.


Our congregation was blessed with steady growth during the 1970s through the 1990s. This led to church building enlargement and remodeling in 1974 and 1979 and in 1994 to the purchase of the Miehe property next to the church building (to the east) for future expansion. Also, a 12,500 square foot addition for Sunday School, fellowship and administrative needs was planned and completed in 1998.

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