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St. Paul’s Mission Endowment Fund


St. Paul’s is supported by giving from its parishioners. Giving can be categorized into one of three purposes: general giving, memorial giving and legacy giving.


On January 26, 2020 the congregation established the St. Paul’s Mission Endowment Fund to ensure our legacy giving. Our commitment to establish and grow a mission endowment fund is to strengthen and expand our capacity to witness to the Gospel through service to others. Now it will be possible for parishioners to give legacy gifts to help St Paul’s expand our mission outreach into the many communities that we are a part of.


Our Mission Endowment Fund is invested in the ELCA Endowment Fund the investments which are administered by The ELCA Foundation. Local administration is done by an Endowment Fund Committee comprised of members of St. Paul’s.


Donations to the Endowment Fund may be made in any number of ways. The greater majority of donations will be in some manner of cash, stocks, beneficiaries of insurance policies etc. Non-cash donations such as stocks or other material assets may be made with the permission of the committee. However, the donor should be aware that those non-cash donations will be converted to a cash basis in an expedient manner.


Our goal is to grow the fund and once we reach $100,000 start to make distributions to the various “communities” we are members of. These distributions are limited in amount and recipient as defined by the by-laws that were adopted by the congregation.

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